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At Bayou Children’s Dental Center, our specially trained pediatric dentists care for the oral health of children from their first visit at age one through to adulthood. In addition to our dental degree, we completed an additional two years of specialized training. Infants, children, and teens are our passion and we are committed to giving them the best possible dental experience in a positive, fun and fresh environment.

Our combined experience treating children of all ages allows us to provide a tailored approach to each individual child.

Our pediatric dentists completed 2 years of additional training after dental school, focusing on comprehensive dental care for the growing child.

Our kid-friendly space makes patients feel right at home. We tailor each visit to give them a fun experience!

Our Services

Tooth Crowns

Teeth that show evidence of a large or multi surface cavity, are often restored with a crown that covers the whole tooth. These cavities are usually visible in your child’s mouth without…

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants protect the chewing surface of back molar teeth from tooth decay.

Tooth Fillings

We offer tooth colored fillings for smaller cavities on both baby and permanent teeth.

Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish is used to prevent tooth decay and to remineralize tooth enamel from showing early signs of decay.

Age One Visit

Establishing a dental home by age 1, as recommended by the AAPD and ADA, helps to improve your child’s oral health and encourages lifelong healthy habits.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is a safe, effective technique that helps children have the best experience possible during their dental treatment.

Regular Checkup

Beginning at age 1, 6-month checkups are important because baby teeth are much thinner than permanent teeth, which allows cavities to spread more quickly. Twice a year visits also allow us to…

Space Maintainers

Space Maintainers are non-removable appliances that ensure proper growth and development when a baby tooth is lost early.

Hospital Dentistry

This option allows the very young or the special needs child to receive the quality care and treatment they need while providing safe and effective sedation or general anesthesia.

Orthodontic Assessment

As experts in pediatric facial growth and development, we will recommend an orthodontic consultation when age appropriate.



If your child is in need of orthodontic care, you can rest assured that our experienced partners and neighbors at Coastal Orthodontics will give your child their reason to smile! Dr. Brent Benoit, our board-certified orthodontic specialist, will provide a fun and friendly environment and all of the options – from traditional braces to new treatments such as clear aligners. He treats mom and dads too!

Compassionate & Personalized

Pediatric Dentistry

You’re not just another patient here. We know you by name, we love to see you and we go the extra mile to make sure you feel at home here.

Compassionate & Personalized

Pediatric Dentistry

Establishing your little one’s dental home by age 1 is pediatrician recommended!

We tailor visits to suit children of all ages.

Our modern office makes even teenagers feel welcome.


Bursting With Fun

Balloons. Children’s Movies. iPads. Welcome, Coastal Interior

Exceptional Care, Extraordinary Experiences.

We can’t wait to see you and you are excited to see us: it’s a win-win! We keep those teeth clean and have fun while doing it. Ensuring that smile is shipshape from baby to teens, all while teaching our kids how to be a good patient as they grow.

Hit the road, happy toad!

Meet Our Pediatric Dentists

“I love that we are a place where kids of all ages feel welcome.”

“Seeing those big smiles time after time makes it all worth it.”

“I enjoy making every visit with my patients personal and fun.”

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Our News

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